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"The No-College Approach 
To Mastering Plastering"
If you’d like to master the sequence and timings of 
plastering without paying for an expensive college course 
then read the rest of this letter.
imagine if you could plaster a wall perfECtly smooth everytime you plastered. Would you want to know how to do it? 

The Plasterers Blueprint is unique...

Because you can learn the art of plastering from any device, at any time. I've documented the whole process to plastering and packaged it up into an EASY TO USE online membership area. 

AND I've done it because I've realised You need a teacher that's willing to outline each step and show you the exact process behind each stage. Otherwise you're guessing! You try and practice but it isn't enough. You're following a process with gaps in.

But I've also create this training programme because I realised...
"YouTube Isn't Enough!"

My YouTube videos are brief and that's simply because I don't have the time or budget to show you the whole plastering process. My longest video is 25 minutes long, but it's simply not long enough to convey the whole process.

I can't show you every step to plastering a wall in 1 video. It's not possible and I only found that out when I started to get feedback from you...

The watchers.
The learners.
The future plasterers. 

So I decided to do something beyond YouTube. I decided to take it to the next level. 

And I believe that the only way to teach is by example so I’m going to put my money where my mouth is:

I'll teach you EVERYTHING I know.


I won't hold back on anything. I've never made a training course as detailed as this meaning there won't be a need to question any step in the process. Instead of one video showing how to plaster a wall there’s ten; one video for each stage of plastering (which you can replicate for your own home or business.)

This has never been taught by me before. 

There isn't a training course like this on the market and this isn't your standard set of YouTube tutorials. 

This is a solid training system on how to successfully plaster aimed at beginners and intermediate levels alike.

Its virtually unheard of for someone to teach plastering in this much detail (in HD definition), meaning you’ll never miss a trick. This is a massive opportunity, and I’m willing to spill all my secret techniques in order to show you exactly how I get a smooth, flat wall.

I've never done anything like this before. 

This is brand new information that will NEVER be released anywhere else!

I know that I’m not the only one who wants this course, I’ve heard from many of you asking tough questions. So I know that this is something that you want. 

Now hear me out..
Here's what you told me...
Since I've been teaching people how to plaster I’ve had a tonne of questions regarding plastering. I've answered all your biggest questions in The Plasterers Blueprint and here are a few we cover:
Q. How do you know the sequence and timings between coats? When do you start the second coat and how do I find the confidence to correctly complete every stage of plastering?
In this course we show you the 10 steps to plastering in complete detail removing your potential feeling of uncertainty and confusion. We give you the timings between each stage and show you the signs you need to look out for so you’ll know exactly when to move onto the next step. We take the guesswork out of plastering giving you the confidence to finally master the trade! 
Q. How do I smoothly put the plaster on the wall without any lines or ripples?
There is a science behind applying your plaster smoothly and we’ll show you the importance of trowel positions and outline different techniques for troweling your walls FLAT. This gives you the ability to plaster like a pro... without trying HOPELESSLY for years to get there. 
Q. Why do I keep getting lines through my plaster? Why is one wall ok and the next one wavy?
 This is something that happens to a lot of plasterers and it's usually because your timings are wrong. The timings during plastering affect EVERYTHING. If you don' have a clear plan to follow then your guessing every time you plaster which is giving you INCONSISTENT results! The Plasterers Blueprint kills this dead because we'll provide a clear plan that's easy to follow and proven to work. All you have to do is follow the instructions and wait for the results to follow!
Q. I don’t have enough confidence and I can’t overcome the doubt about just how difficult it is to plaster?
Our course takes you through the whole process of plastering, from start to finish. From preparation to application, we have the whole process mapped out for you in one place. We'll show you the 5 Golden Rules of plastering (essential for anyone starting out),  and teach you how to manage your use of time. This course will give you the confidence to finally start just need to watch and follow along

So what will this course teach you... 

  • Discover my BEST-KEPT SECRET that almost guarantee's PERFECT results in plastering with the"10 Stages To Plastering" 
     (I spill all my dirty secrets. Timings. Trowel positions. Methods...I'll show you everything I know in this exclusive video series where I'll reveal the exact process I take to get my results in plastering...and I'll even show you my winning 10 step formula that is PROVEN to give a flat, smooth, GLASS-LIKE finish in plastering. 
  • ​​Detailed trowel techniques and positions which gives "professional plasterers" a run for their money. 
     (There's a science to plastering and we're going to teach it to you. You'll learn the mechanics behind getting your wall flat and we'll show you the RIGHT way to use your plastering trowel from stage 1! Imagine having the ability to plaster to a professional standard by simply COPYING my proven formula for success...
  • Feels like I'm teaching you myself, from the comfort of your own home.
     (All the videos and training modules are situated in one, easy to manage platform. You'll have lifetime access and you can watch it where and when you want. You can complete one video and watch the next one as you go. You'll never be confused again because it's like I'm standing right next to you, showing you exactly what to do.)
  • Watch on any Devices (Watch it on mobile, desktop, long as you have internet you can watch this training every, single minute of the day...and watch it in CRYSTAL clear detail which means you'll never miss a trick)
  • The 4 secret rules to using a corner trowel. 
     (Discover the 4 Golden rules to mastering wet angles. This is one of the hardest parts to plastering. But don't worry because I'll show you my controversial "less-is-more" approach to getting perfect results. If you master this method then I can promise that plastering angles will be as easy as walking)
  • The "5 Golden Rules" to CORRECTLY preparing ANY wall for plastering.
     (Essential if you're working on existing walls in your home. Missing one of these stages can be disastrous...but with our easy to use guide, you'll turn old, wonky walls into polished works of art which means you'll be confident in knowing you can plaster any any situation
  • The time tested formula to plastering corners.
     (We have a whole section dedicated to corners where we show you the most effective ways to plaster onto corner beads. You'll even discover the TRUTH behind getting perfect window reveals which means you'll never have to worry about plastering angles in a room again.
  • The 3 Step Formula to fixing corners beads with the #1 tactic professionals use to make them line up perfectly!
      (The only way you'll have ever have perfectly square corners is if your corner beads are perfectly fixed! I'll show you the BIG SECRET to getting your beads to line up...but this ONLY WORKS if fix them in a specific order. Get the order wrong and your beads will never meet!)
  • The "Nuke Proof" Timings sheet that guarantees perfect results
    (The most important part to plastering is your timings. If you get your timings wrong in plastering then you'll never get good results...and that's the God's honest truth. That's why every video has clear instructions on how long each stage of plastering should take. This gives you the knowledge and certainty to know that EVERY wall you plaster will be BANG ON. You'll never be uncertain again!)


This training course is aimed at people who are dedicated to mastering plastering.

If this sounds like you...

Do you mind if I ask a question???

Why do you want to start plastering?

Did you purchase a new home and you needed to save money? Maybe you're a multi-tradesman or a decorator looking to contribute your skills with plastering but just haven't quite cracked it yet?

Are you wanting to start plastering but your just too scared of getting it wrong? Maybe you just want to try but you're not sure how or where to start?

If you can relate to any of these situations continue reading because this course can help you master the skill of plastering. Here's what you'll receive if you decide to take a leap of faith and purchase this training course TODAY

This Training Will Help You...

  •  The ultimate beginners guide to plastering onto brickwork.
     This is a 3 part series showing you how to successfully plaster onto brick, block work or other masonry backgrounds by Dry-Lining your walls (otherwise known as the...
  •  Dot & Dab method. This is the process of sticking plasterboard to a wall...which is the easiest and most effective way to plaster onto a brick background. You will discover how to cut and fix your plasterboard following a detailed DIY-friendly approach...all you need to do is follow along)
  • The UNSPOKEN TRUTH about which trowels to buy and when to use them. ..If you're using the wrong trowels at the wrong time then you risk PERMANENTLY ruining your plastered walls. This guide will help you get the most from your tools and outline the principles you MUST follow to avoid doing lasting damage when plastering.
  • The one decision you need to make which will MAKE or BREAK your plastering.
     There's one choice you need to take at Stage 9, (the Wet Trowel), which has always been the reason my plastering has been so SUCCESSFUL. And I'll finally reveal the exact method I use which will help you take your plastering to the next level and reveal a MYSTERIOUS trick for ELIMINATING Tiger Stripes from your plastered walls. This stage can literally MAKE or Break your plastering
  •  The 1 tool I use which make all my corners SHINE (You can't go wrong with this step. It's so easy a child could do it! This one simple trick makes all my corners shine! 
  •  I'll show you the different types of plaster and explain how and when to use them.
     It's not one size fits all — you need to use different plasters for different situations. And I'll show you the RIGHT plasters to use and the process to mix them correctly...WHICH means you'll never be confused or INDECISIVE ever AGAIN!
  • I'll teach you how to get a smooth finish without any lumps or drags.
     The art of plastering is mastering both your use of time and perfecting your use of control over your trowel. This system highlights everything you need to know to get your plastering smooth, flat and looking like glass. 
  • ​I'll reveal the easiest tool to use to get a finish so good, it feels like you're CHEATING! If you only used this and changed NOTHING ELSE then I can guarantee that you would DRASTICALLY improve your finish in's so good I've got other plasterers BEGGING to know how I do it!) 
  •  All the training...IN ONE, EASILY MANAGED LOCATION.
     The whole plastering process listed in order. It's got everything you need on one easy to use platform, meaning you can learn without constantly searching google or YouTube videos. IMAGINE having all the answers you need, at the touch of your finger'll never be FRUSTRATED and left searching for answers EVER again. 

But Don't Take MY Word For IT...
Here's What People Are Saying...

We had this testimonial from Tony, 
a web developer who had previously attended a plastering course 
but realised there was more things he needed to learn...

Hi Blaine,

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know the content is AWESOME!!! I attended a short practical course on plastering which gave me the ability to mix and apply the plaster reasonably well. It was at this point however I realised there were so many little things I didn't know, mainly around timings and the correct sequence to follow.

I took on a job for family and a few walls in I realised it was far harder and more stressful than it should be because I didn't have the correct procedure to follow.

At this point I decided to get TPB and all I can say is WOW!!! The difference it has made is amazing. I just followed the sequence outlined and the whole process was not only so much easier but there was NO STRESS and nothing was left to guess work. This resulted in a top notch finish I am really proud of.

My only regret is I didn't have the training material from the beginning, but we live and learn. I would recommend this training material without hesitation. Takes all the uncertainty out of plastering for less than the cost of my trowel!!

Thanks again, 

-Tony Pierson, 
Web developer

The Plasterers Blueprint 
Helps To Provide...


You won't be a slave to confusion or indecision again because you'll know exactly when to move on to each stage of plastering. You'll know when to flatten, you'll know exactly when to apply your plaster and you'll even know how to finish your wall like a pro. 


If you're improving and renovating your own home then you can have the PRIDE of knowing you plastered it yourself. You can take full recognition and sit back knowing that you successfully plastered your own home. Your friends and family will be amazed! Imagine how proud you'd be to say you did it all yourself!


It's time to finally start Plastering without the fear of messing up! You'll have the confidence to try plastering using easy, BITESIZE chunks and you'll be guided by a program that highlights every area of plastering without the PAIN of searching the internet for answers.

"Read On To Find Out The 
Massive Deal We're Offering
If You Decide To Take 



Free Issue Of Our Monthly
Training PROGRAMME, Plastmag

(Value - £49)

"Thought I’d drop you a line. Had a chance to try your "flat wall technique" today. Used the technique along with your timings in The Plasterers Blueprint and I have to say it is the best wall I have ever plastered! You should really think about taking this plastering malarkey up for a living you’ve got quite the talent! 

A big thank you for more of your invaluable knowledge "

- JAMES, The Plasterers Blueprint Member

If You Sign Up TODAY...

You'll also get access to a free Issue of PlastMag.

The monthly training programme aimed at Plasterers who are SERIOUS about mastering plastering. Here's whats it's about:

What's PlastMag?

It’s the only monthly training programme, aimed at plasterers, that allows you to test and try new methods every month. Instead of learning the basics to plastering and hoping everything else sticks, this allows you to constantly develop and learn.  


If you purchase The Plasterers Blueprint today! It's completely free and there's no future payments included. It's a no strings attached BONUS. 

Heres what you’ll receive in your *FREE issue:
  •  *Complete training on getting your walls flatter with a new discovery that's totally changed the way I plaster..."THIS SINGLE DISCOVERY HAS NOT ONLY IMPROVED MY FINISH, BUT ALSO HALFED THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO GET THERE".
  • ​*The plastering Spatula’s I use with crucial advice on which ones to buy. We test size, blades, brands and even discuss methods so you can finally choose the one thats RIGHT for you..."FINALLY...A GUIDE THAT GIVES US THE CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE WE NEED FOR CHOOSING THE BEST TOOLS IN PLASTERING"
  • ​*THE FLAT WALL TECHNIQUE - Discover The New method to plastering that's revolutionised the speed and finish you can get in plastering...THE SECRET PROCEDURE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO FLATTEN A WALL IN 50 SECONDS, COMPARED TO THE 5 MINUTES IT USUALLY TAKES.
  • ​*The biggest indicator to check to see if your walls are ACTUALLY flat...AND THE LASTING CONSEQUENCE YOU'LL PAY FOR GETTING IT WRONG
  • ​*The big difference between plastic and steel trowels and the reason why it’s massively important in the world of plastering...GAIN A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING FOR YOUR PLASTERING TOOLS AND DEVELOP THE KNOWLEDGE NEEDED TO MASTER PLASTERING
  • ​* You'll discover the number one reasons why you get lumps and ripples in your finished plaster...AND DISCOVER A SIMPLE PROCESS FOR STOPPING THEM DEAD IN THERE TRACKS, MEANING THEY'LL NEVER DISRUPT YOUR FINISH EVER AGAIN!!


Exclusive Module, 
"Old House New"

(Value - £69)

"But What About 

Now I hear what you might be thinking...

It's all good learning to plaster onto FRESH PLASTERBOARD, but what about the old, DINGY walls that most of us have to face? 


Well, I listened to your calls and I've created an EXCLUSIVE 8 PART SERIES that shows you how to deal with any any situation. It's not good enough knowing how to plaster if you don't know how to deal with walls in EVERY SCENARIO

And we'll show you EVERYTHING

Check out the video below to see exactly what it's about. You'll never be WORRIED about plastering old walls ever again...
  •  The ONLY plaster I recommend for patching blown patches and the method I use to make it 10X stronger than any other material in the industry...meaning your walls will be BOMBPROOF and guaranteed to last the test of time. You'll never have to worry about re-skimming EVER AGAIN
  • ​The Secret weapon I use which provides an extra layer of protection to any old wall in your home...which means you can be 100% certain that your walls will stay solid and crack free!
  • *​The crucial "Tap Test" and the reason why it's the most important decision you'll ever make in plastering...Get this wrong and everything else after will fail
  • ​*The ONLY way to deal with blown plaster and the most effective way to fix it...most plasterers pray and hope for the best when it comes to OLD, WORN plaster. But we'll show you how to deal with any any situation by using...
  • ​The 8 point checklist I follow to turn any old wall into a thing of beauty...get a smooth, flat, FLAWLESS finish on your BEAT UP WALLS using this SIMPLE 8 step process.
  • The best way to fill in chased sockets and the problem "Newbies" make which leads to common cracks appearing over and over again...this simple exercise will not only help you deal with FREQUENT problems, but provide you with a greater knowledge on how to tackle OLD WALLS that are RIDDLED with issues. 
  • Discover the EXCLUSIVE system I use to make my external render BOMB PROOF...and apply it to your own home, making sure any old cracks or faults are stopped dead in their tracks. 

But Can The Plasterers Blueprint
Work For People Who Have NO
EXPERIENCE In Plastering??

We had this testimonial from Przemek, 
a first time plasterer who was unsure on whether he could start
skimming his own walls. This was his story...

"Hi Blaine,

I hope you all right,

I am writing to You to say big Thank You!!! Few days ago I bought your full course taking a chance to buy it at a great price. I didn't want to waste more time so I began to watch and read all your instructions. No longer than 2 days ago I did my first wall :) Old plaster was coming out and when I knocked the wall you could heard empty space so I decided to clean the wall to bricks, then put 2 coats of PVA, put plasterboards, and finally ... I did my first plastering :)

I changed a bit of your 10 steps training and I combined this training together with sponge float training so after flatting 2nd coat I was using Refina sponge float medium coarse and OX Speedskim Spatula, and ... It's just magic! After Spatula I used Refina Superflex 2 trowel to flatten the wall and the final result is absolutely flat and smooth! I still don't believe I have such a good result after my first try. That's all because of you, so one more time I would like to say a big Thank You!!!

I attached few pics showing progress of my work.

This was his first attempt!

It's amazing that he put all the tutorials 
together and got real results! 
This is what you could do if you 
follow all of the strategies in 
this training course.

But do you want to know the best bit???

Przemek is now a FULL-TIME PLASTERER! He's making a good living doing something he loves. And that all started from this training Programme

You can do the exact same...


  • 8 Training Modules teaching you how to plaster from start to finish (£399)
  • 10 Steps Of Plastering which outline the EXACT process I follow to plaster a wall (£99)
  • BONUS: Full course called "Nitro Plastering". Plaster more walls with less effort... 9 Part Series (£99)
  • BONUS: "Sponge Float Bible", The most up-to date guide on mastering Sponge Float Plastering (£99)
  • ​BONUS: FREE Issue of our monthly training programme, PlastMag (£49)
  • ​BONUS: OLD HOUSE NEW, the 8 part video series that shows you how to RE-VAMP any old, beat up walls (69)


Take Your Plastering To The 
Next Level TODAY


As you can see from the information above there's a tonne of information inside the Plasterer's Blueprint and the bullets above are literally the tip of the iceberg

The content within this training course is easily worth £400 (I charge £500 for a crash course in plastering which holds a fraction of the information.) 

This training is the ultimate online course for plastering. There isn't any training like this and you have direct access to it, right here, right now. 

This course could of easily been sold for £299 (which was the original price!) but I wanted this to be accessible.

I want people to learn and use the techniques I use in plastering.

So the price of this course is going to be sold at a bargain price of £149, half the price of my standard service. 
BUT I Want To Make You A

This only applies to the select few and I aim it to the people who have just joined Plastering For Beginners. This is a gesture, a thank you for joining Plastering For Beginners in the first place and making it the website it is TODAY!

Without you, it would be nothing.

So if you're reading this now you're going to get an exclusive offer: You won't get this offer agin. Seriously! This is solely for the new members of Plastering For Beginners.

So here's the rub:

You can get the Plasterer's Blueprint for a bargain price of...
Yep, £49...

You save a massive £766 from the VALUE PRICE

For the same price as a set of TROWELS you can master the art of plastering! you can have a training system that shows you how to confront your issues and seriously start making a big change in your plastering efforts.

But this isn't going to last.

This offer will last for a total of 4 days. That's it!

I fully aware that this price is ridiculously low compared to what you'll receive in this training programme. I literally show you all my biggest secrets! So if you want to take your plastering to the next level then this may be the big break you've been looking for:
Now imagine if you could plaster that wall perfectly smooth every time you plastered. What if you had the confidence to plaster any wall, no matter how big it was, knowing that you would get it RIGHT every single time. You'd feel happy knowing that you could plaster a wall with full confidence and certainty.

You'd be in full control because you've discovered a way of plastering that works.

But let's take a second to think 
what might happen if you don't buy...

Imagine you wake up 6 months from now. You're still not certain on the right way to plaster a wall. You know how to apply the plaster but you've never actually discovered the right way to get a smooth, lump-free finish. You're still mixing the plaster and you're always feeling stressed. You're always scared it's going to set in the bucket and your constantly rushing to get the plaster on the wall and flattened!

Now I'm not saying this to be harsh or cruel because I've been there. I started plastering the same way you did - with no teachers and no rules! I'm saying that because I know that there's a cost to doing nothing and I don't want you to be in the same place 6 month's from now.

I want a better life for you and I know you want it too.

Otherwise you wouldn't have read this far. 

And If you're not convinced yet let me show you how confident I am that this will help you and your situation.
100% Money BACK
If you buy this product and you're not HEAD OVER HEELS, THRILLED then you get 100% of your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED Yes...if you decide within 30 days that The Plasterers Blueprint is not for you then drop us an email and we'll give you a FULL REFUND

No questions asked.

You literally have nothing to lose.

If you can afford a trowel then you can afford this course!
Get Access To
The Pasterer's Blueprint
Now For Only £49 
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S... if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just £49, you're getting Blaine's "Plasterer's Blueprint" course - which shows you the exact steps required to become a master plasterer.  Aimed for beginners and intermediate levels alike, we'll show you how to plaster like a pro!
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